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WHO I am




I came from Greece, I had a thirst for knowledge (but I did not study at St. Martins college). Instead I completed my undergraduate studies at Plymouth University, gaining a 1st class Bsc (hons) in Marine Biology & Oceanography. From there, I moved to the Department of Animal & Plant Science at the  University of Sheffield where I have recently completed a PhD in Marine Macroecology, under the supervision of Dr Tom Webb and Prof. Rob Freckleton. Since finishing I have been freelancing as a Research Data Scientist focusing on producing transparent, reproducible, accessible and reusable research outputs. 



WHAT interests me 






I'm fascinated by complex systems, they're all around us. And in Ecology, macroscale examinations reveal intriguing pattern and properties.  Exciting opportunity for linking pattern to process lies in looking at their dynamics across scales, through time and space and examining the networks of interactions from which they emerge. 






II'm interested in open source methodological innovation in science, particularly through skills in statistical programming, better archiving and reuse of research software and data. My favourite tool is the R statistical programming language, which integrates invaluable modern practices like version control and open curation of research materials and diverse research outputs like data visualisation and interactivity. From more details see my resources page or check out my work on GitHub. 



Open Communities


I'm also interested in how such open practices can be used to build capacity through facilitating peer to peer training, knowledge exchange and collaboration across open community networks. 



WHY I get out of bed



I love to troubleshoot and am drawn to challenges involving systems and processes with a natural urge to tinker and refine.


I love to teach, have supervised field trips and have taught introductory statistics in R as well as co-developing a workshop on Data management and Open Science in R.


I am excited and positive by the rise of openness. Openness in data, in the scientific process, in access to information, expertise and advice, funding and markets.


In turn, I'm excited to be a member of vibrant open science communities. I was a member of the inaugural Mozilla Science Lab Open Leaders cohort a mentor on subsequent training rounds. I also help organise the Sheffield R users group.


Finally, I'm under no illusion that developments don't come with new and significant challenges of their own, but I welcome them.

“I admit I was very envious each year when colleagues werenamed to The Best Lawyers in Virginia. I am thrilled to now have this singular honor among the rest.”




Email: annakrystalli [at]




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Github: annakrystalli Anna Krystalli







WHEN to get in touch




Feel free to get in touch if you have a cool project that you find my skills and interests might be relevant to.


I'd be excited to here about any sort of interesting data project, from wrangling, modelling and visualisation and willing and able to work on projects from all sectors, academic, public and business.












with a view to 

Open Data Science






"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

R. Buckminster Fuller